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The Ultimate Gravel Biking Guide: 10 Bike Tips and Hacks

Are you a gravel biking enthusiast looking to enhance your biking experience? We have compiled a list of 10 insightful tips and hacks that every cyclist should know. Dive in to our bike tips and hacks:

Finding the Perfect Tire Pressure

Contrary to popular belief, a lower tire pressure is not always the best choice when biking on gravel. To find the optimal grip and comfort, experiment with pressures between 30-50 PSI.

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Reversing Tire Tread Direction for Better Traction

Enhance your grip on wet trails by reversing your tire’s tread direction, a trick often overlooked. This technique improves mud shedding, especially during the rainy season. Note: this may not work with all tire types.

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Tweaking Your Bike’s Geometry with BikeFittr

Optimize your ride’s handling by altering your bike’s geometry. Consider shortening the stem or adjusting the angles for a comfortable and efficient ride. Check out for digital solutions to tailor your bike to your unique style and body mechanics.

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Choosing the Right Lube for Gravel Trails

Not all lubes are created equal. Wax-based lubes attract less dirt, maintaining a cleaner chain and smoother ride.

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Smart Packing for Balance on Rocky Paths

Balance your bike by distributing weight smartly using different bags:

Handlebar bags: Ideal for light, easy-access items like snacks and maps.
Snack bags: For quick access to nutrition on the go.
Frame bags: To carry heavier essentials like tools and spare parts.
Saddle bags: Best for clothing and less frequently used items.

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The 15% Drop Rule for Optimal Tire Pressure

Transform your biking experience with the 15% Drop Rule. Adjust your tire pressure until it compresses to 15% of its original height for the perfect pressure setting.

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Stay Warm on Cold Rides with Latex Gloves

Combat cold during your rides by wearing a pair of latex gloves underneath your regular cycling gloves. This additional layer traps warmth, providing insulation against the cold wind.

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Discover the Benefits of Flared Handlebars

Flared handlebars, characteristic of many gravel bikes, offer a wider grip for better control on unpredictable terrains, reducing wrist strain during long rides.

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Combat Handlebar Discomfort with the Right Tape

Say goodbye to numb hands with a triple-layer handlebar tape setup, including a base layer for grip, a middle layer of foam or gel tape for cushioning, and a top layer for that plush feel.

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DIY Mud Guard Using a Plastic Bottle

Create an effective mud guard using a section of a plastic bottle secured with zip ties to prevent mud splashes during rainy rides.

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From finding the perfect tire pressure to handy emergency hacks, this guide is designed to help every gravel biker enhance their riding experience. Stay tuned for more bike tips and hacks and don’t forget to follow us for daily biking secrets.

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