Ultimate Guide to Randonneuring Routes

The Ultimate Guide to Randonneuring Routes

Randonneuring, a term with which many might not be familiar, is a long-distance, non-competitive cycling sport where participants aim to complete set routes within specified time limits. The beauty of randonneuring lies in its blend of endurance, self-reliance, and the thrill of exploring scenic routes. In this “Ultimate Guide to Randonneuring Routes”, we’ll delve deep into the world of randonneuring, and uncover some of its most iconic routes.

What is Randonneuring?

Originating in France during the late 19th century, randonneuring is all about self-supported long-distance cycling. Cyclists, or “randonneurs”, pass through predetermined checkpoints, and while there’s a maximum time limit, there’s no incentive for finishing first. Instead, the emphasis is on the journey, the scenery, and personal achievement.

The Allure of Randonneuring

While competitive cycling focuses on speed and ranking, randonneuring is about the adventure and the camaraderie. Many randonneurs relish the unpredictability of their rides – from battling unexpected weather conditions to navigating challenging terrains, every ride tells a unique story.

The Most Famous Randonneuring Routes

Without further ado, let’s embark on a journey through our “Ultimate Guide to Randonneuring Routes” by exploring some of the most scenic and revered randonneuring routes worldwide:

  1. Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), France:
    • Distance: Approximately 1,200 km.
    • Highlights: This is the oldest and most prestigious randonneuring event. Starting from the capital city of Paris, riders head west to the port city of Brest, and then return to Paris. Along the way, they encounter picturesque French villages, historic landmarks, and varying terrains.
  2. Boston-Montreal-Boston (BMB), USA:
    • Distance: About 1,200 km.
    • Highlights: This route traverses through the beautiful northeastern US landscapes, moving from Massachusetts through Vermont and into Quebec, Canada. Riders can expect verdant forests, rolling hills, and the unique experience of crossing an international border on a bike.
  3. London-Edinburgh-London (LEL), UK:
    • Distance: Roughly 1,400 km.
    • Highlights: LEL challenges riders with the UK’s varied topography, including the Pennine mountains and the Scottish Lowlands. It’s not just a test of endurance but also an opportunity to soak in the rich history and diverse landscapes of the UK.
  4. Great Southern Randonnée (GSR), Australia:
    • Distance: Around 1,200 km.
    • Highlights: Taking riders along Australia’s southern coast, the GSR boasts of breathtaking ocean views, encounters with local wildlife, and the rugged charm of the Australian landscape.
  5. Super Brevet Scandinavia (SBS), Scandinavia:
    • Distance: About 2,100 km.
    • Highlights: One of the longer routes, SBS takes cyclists through Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The journey encapsulates the serene Scandinavian landscapes, from fjords to forests.

Tips for Aspiring Randonneurs:

  • Training: Randonneuring requires both physical and mental stamina. Regular training rides, increasing in distance, can help prepare the body and mind.
  • Equipment: A reliable bike, suitable for long distances, is essential. Also, invest in good quality panniers, lighting (for night rides), and navigation tools.
  • Community: Joining a local randonneuring club can provide invaluable support, knowledge, and companionship.


Randonneuring is more than just a sport; it’s an experience, an adventure, and for many, a way of life. Whether you’re attracted by the challenge, the scenic routes, or the spirit of adventure, our Ultimate Guide to Randonneuring Routes provides a comprehensive look into this unique cycling realm. With routes like Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London, you’re not just pedaling through kilometers, but through history, culture, and nature’s masterpieces.

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